Sports Interactive Are Here To Sell You More Stuff

The Islington-based team behind the best-selling Championship Manager games, has launched an online shop offering its own branded merchandise.

Posted by Staff
Accessible via, the Sports Interactive shop is currently attracting a lot of interest from the huge Sports Interactive fan base, with sales of branded calendars and footballs already higher than expected, despite the site only being live for the past few days.

"We realise that, as a game developer, launching our own merchandise is an unusual step," comments Paul Collyer, Joint Managing Director of Sports Interactive. "However, as Championship Manager obviously holds a unique place in the hearts of its many fans, we polled our online community to see if selling Sports Interactive merchandising would be a viable proposition, and the response was an overwhelming 'yes'. We're still taking some of our fans' suggestions for new merchandise into consideration, but you can rest assured that we won't be producing branded sheepskin coats, as one fan requested."

Sports Interactive has big plans for the future of its online shop and is planning to extend its range of merchandise with football kits, mouse mats, laptop bags and sports bags, all of which will be available shortly from