Barbie to the Rescue

HotGen opens doors to Barbie's Pet Rescue centre.

Posted by Staff
HotGen Studios, one of the UK's leading interactive entertainment providers, has produced the latest high-profile title to join Mattel's best-selling range of Barbie video games.

Barbie: Pet Rescue for Game Boy Colour is an innovative mix of sub-games and objectives aimed at girls aged 4-8 years old. The player controls Barbie and her younger sister Stacie as they locate and look after new additions to their newly founded animal sanctuary.

Three areas must be searched in order to find stricken kittens, puppies and rabbits, which are taken to the rescue centre to receive attention. A special menu system allows the player to treat and groom each of the rescued animals, which react realistically to the care they receive. Special rewards are then given as the animals make a full recovery.

That Mattel entrusted the latest addition to the Barbie software franchise to HotGen is a reflection of the Croydon-based studio's standing with the world's largest publishers. The firm enjoys an enviable reputation for strong products and reliability, with Barbie: Pet Rescue just the latest of an impressive CV of titles across all the leading and forthcoming home entertainment systems.

"HotGen's reputation within the Game Boy Colour sector is unrivalled and our work on Barbie: Pet Rescue showcases the versatility of the Barbie franchise and our ability to produce innovative titles from any subject matter," commented managing director Fergus McGovern.