Rising Star Games partners with Codemasters

Pilot Academy, Contact included in UK sales and distribution deal.

Posted by Staff
Rising Star Games partners with Codemasters
Friday 29th September/... Rising Star Games today announces that it has appointed Codemasters as its UK sales and distribution partner. The agreement sees Codemasters taking control of UK sales and distribution management for five Rising Star titles through to the end of 2006.

Products covered include Nintendo DS titles Contact, Ys Strategy and New Zealand Story Revolution in addition to Pilot Academy and Bubble Bobble Evolution for the PlayStation®Portable (PSP) system.

Martin Defries, C.O.O. Rising Star Games said: "We have high hopes for our portfolio and having the right partner in the UK is critical for Rising Star Games. Codemasters has the strengths that we require and I am delighted to be working with its UK team.?

Jonathan Hales, Vice President of Sales, Codemasters added: ?Codemasters relishes the opportunity to work with Rising Star Games in the UK. To work with such titles as Contact and Pilot Academy, which are perfect fits for the handheld market, is a testament to Codemasters? sales reach in the UK.?