PlayStation®3 Owners to Experience F.E.A.R.?

Critically acclaimed FPS set to launch ? November 2006.

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PlayStation®3 Owners to Experience F.E.A.R.™
LOS ANGELES, CA ? (August 17th, 2006) ? Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, today announced that the award-winning F.E.A.R.? (First Encounter Assault Recon), is currently in development for the PLAYSTATION®3 gaming and entertainment system and is scheduled to launch during November 2006.

Already a critical and commercial smash on the PC, F.E.A.R. will bring a new level of FPS game play to PLAYSTATION®3 with exclusive single player content designed to immerse the player deeper in the world of the F.E.A.R. team, as well as the visceral action of F.EA.R. multi-player.

Developed by Day 1 Studios in conjunction with Monolith Productions, F.E.A.R is a paranormal action thriller presented entirely in first person. An unprecedented adrenaline rush of close quarters combat seamlessly melded with the spine-tingling, shocking intensity of the paranormal unknown.

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F.E.A.R. will ship for PLAYSTATION®3 during November 2006.