Down Hill and To The Limit

Freak Out - Extreme Freeride.

Posted by Staff
Liezen, Austria, 16th of August 2006: If you`re in pursuit of adrenaline, powder snow and pure freedom then look no further; That`s what you?ll get delivered, with Freak Out! - the ultimate freeride skiing experience coming to PC, PS2 and PSP.

The steepest slopes, thrilling stunts and dangerous action provide a most excellent skiing experience. At an altitude of 2000 metres, far away from civilization, in a battle between you and nature. Who rides the craziest track, where does the next jump lead to; speed, tricks or staying upright ? Only those who are willing to push their own boundaries will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Freak out - Release: Q4 2006 - PC & PS2; Q1 2007 - PSP
Developer: Coldwood Interactive