Bitmaps Z Sequel Coming Soon To PC

Fresh approach reaffirms Z:Steel Soldiers' original take on the RTS genre.

Posted by Staff
EON Digital Entertainment today confirmed that the eagerly awaited sequel to PC blockbuster Z, Z: Steel Soldiers will feature a highly innovative method of progressing the game's plot driven storyline.

Currently in production by acclaimed digital animation studio Cool Beans Productions, the usual CGI or FMV sequences have been replaced in favour of a more dynamic approach. Taking a unique slant on the classic comic book style the resulting experience perfectly compliments the game's visual styling, humour and action.

Classic 'still' comic images are brought to life with animating elements that are all complimented with voice-overs and musical score. As the familiar characters from the original Z are putting in another appearance, the same actors who provided the voices are being used to ensure continuity.

Commenting on this fresh approach, Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of The Bitmap Brothers, the game's developer said, "The fast paced action of Z:Steel Soldiers will always make it stand out from others in the RTS genre. The decision to deliver storyline and plot updates to the gamer via a comic book mechanic strengthens this claim and sits extremely well with the dark humour of Z: Steel Soldiers."

Nick Percival Creative Director at Cool Beans Productions added, "Although we have previously worked on a number of similarly high profile video games, we have never followed the comic book look and style through to such an extent. That said, a number of us, including myself, have worked for Marvel Comics and 2000AD and were immediately able to see that this approach would work extremely well with Z: Steel Soldiers and are confident that gamers will now have even more reason to complete each mission."

Z: Steel Soldiers is scheduled for release on PC-CD ROM this Spring.