Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Racer, The Biggest Driving Buzz Of The Year

There's no time for Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' as the ultimate Disney cart racing game (PSX & GBC) is unleashed on the streets on March 7th.

Posted by Staff
DisneylPixar's Toy Story Racer, featuring all your favourite Toy Story characters and locations, is an ultra fast-paced action racing game that leaves the competition on the starting line.

A cocktail of pure fun and exhilaration, Toy Story Racer lets you speed through 18 thrilling locations based on the original films. There are also 10 main characters you can choose to play from Woody, Hamm and Buzz to the Little Green Man. Each character has its own unique driving style that you have to master quickly if you're to have any chance of completing the gruelling race challenges. But be warned, not all the characters can be played at the beginning of the game; you'll have to successfully navigate perilous races, collect game tokens (green soldiers) and rescue certain characters to unlock the remaining Toy Story characters.

Your pulse will race as you try to stay on the road, blasting through over 80 different challenges - from time trails, daring rescue missions and endurance tests to fearsome battles where you get the chance to knock out opponents with weapons you collect during the race. An adrenaline packed game, Toy Story Racer gameplay adapts to match your racing ability - so if you are more Driving Miss Daisy than Schumacher the pace will slow, but as you and your speed and skill improve, Toy Story Racer will push you to the limits.

A multiplayer mode means you can also challenge friends to the race of a lifetime. With action, action and more action, Toy Story Racer is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more and more breakneck exhilaration.