We've Got The Moves…

Take 2 Interactive is to give a helping hand, karate chop and a flying kick to gamers everywhere.

Posted by Staff
To celebrate the imminent release of Oni on PC and PlayStation 2, Take 2 Interactive in conjunction with GOD Games will be showing gamers exactly how they should pull off all of the game's huge selection of special moves. Shockwave videos and a how-to description of a new battle manoeuvre will be released every day until gamers can finally get their hands on the highly rated game themselves.

To see the very latest videos and move set descriptions, just use the following URL www.oni-game.com and check it out.

For those who don't know, Oni is a unique marriage of shoot-'em-up gameplay, adventure and hard-hitting beat-'em-up. Playing as Konoko, the game's heroine, you must batter and blast your way through sprawling urban levels all set to a stunning manga theme.

Game Features:
17 realistic levels designed by real architects.
Innovative Full Contact Action combat system.
Interpolated animations for fluid movement and responsive controls.
Hundreds of unique characters.
Compelling anime-inspired plot.
In-game cut scenes and 2D anime sequences flesh out the story.

Oni will be published by Take 2 Interactive on both PC (Out Now) and PS2 (March 2001). Please visit the Oni website at www.oni-game.com.