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Posted by Staff
Conspiracy to Excite - Doors open for new publishing arm.

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the opening of its UK office which will be headed by industry veteran, Howard Newmark, acting as Vice President of Publishing. Although the company's main HQ is in Santa Monica, California, USA, the UK office will be autonomous, establishing its own identity, but with a number of goals and objectives mirroring the parent company to further build on the success of Conspiracy Entertainment.

"The key to success for Conspiracy Entertainment in Europe relies on a number of important factors, but already we have put in place key elements to ensure both our short and long term success. We have already set up a distribution network across mainland Europe and Australia with a number of leading distributors and hope to make an announcement shortly with regard to UK distribution. The company already has an impressive roster of console titles, across handheld, current and next-gen and we are about to sign further titles after successful negotiations at the recent E3... Further announcements will be made over the next few months, when we expect to unveil some exciting acquisitions. Importantly, we will ensure that Conspiracy Entertainment titles are sold at a competitive price point, but without compromising quality", said Howard Newmark."

The launch title for Conspiracy Entertainment UK/Europe will be Archer MacLean's Pool Paradise International Edition on the PS2, retailing at 14:99/19.99 (release date TBA). This builds on the success of the highly acclaimed Archer MacLean Pool Paradise series.

Newmark continues "Presently Conspiracy Entertainment Europe, with funding in place, is looking to meet with developers who have console titles available. We have some advantage over other value publishers, given that we have not only UK and European distribution, but also the possibility of US distribution via our parent company."