The Sausage Factory Episode 182: Fatshark Games

Posted 27 Apr 2018
Run time:54:01
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Vermintide 2 by Fatshark Games

The world of Warhammer is coming to an end. The rise of the Chaos legions cannot be stemmed, only slowed as the descent into destruction and madness continues unabated. Vermintide II by Fatshark Games builds on the original co-op slaughter-fest by changing the scenery to broad daylight and throwing the minions of Nurgle, the Chaos god of disease and pestilence, into the fray as players fight their way through a host of Skaven and Chaos legions alike.


In this episode of The Sausage Factory, show host Chris O'Regan talks to Victor Magnuson of Fatshark Games about the creation of Vermintide II.


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