The Sausage Factory Episode 151: Sensible Object

Posted 04 Aug 2017
Run time:01:03:35
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Beasts of Balance by Sensible Object

Show host Chris ORegan first encountered Beasts of Balance in the dimly lit alcove within Rezzed 2015 that housed the Leftfield Collection. It was a very different game back then, with a strange set of scales and a collection of odd objects that resembled animals for the most part. 2 years later Beasts of Balance is very much a real thing and Chris chats to George Buckingham from Sensible Object about this dexterity game mixed with a video game hybrid and asks him how it was developed.
At the time of airing this episode there is a Kickstarter campaign to bring about the second edition of Beasts of Balance that includes an adversarial mechanic to it. This ends on 8th August 2017 soif you're interested be quick to back it prior to its completion.


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