The Sausage Factory Episode 134: Crimson Owl Studios

Posted 31 Mar 2017
Run time:00:50:55
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Caromble by Crimson Owl Studios

During the PC Gamer Weekender event show host Chris ORegan happened upon Caromble, a game that takes its inspiration from very old games like Breakout and Arkanoid. He liked Caromble so much that he invited Crimson Owl Studios, the makers of Caromble onto The Sausage Factory. Many topics are discussed including how Crimson Own Studios were named and how they created their very own engine for Caromble.


Gua 2 Apr 2017 02:51
I still use iPhone 4 :)

I do make quite complex games on Unity without basically knowing C# and Unityscript. I use visual programming plugin called Playmaker to achieve it.

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