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DorkTunes presented by Geek beats and silicon symphonies

DorkTunes is all about video game music - from the earliest days of video games to the latest orchestral masterpieces, we love it all. Hosted by Pete "Noob" Boyle and Matt Ramsey AKA Mattharrier, DorkTunes will fill your ears with lovely stuff - we discuss the games, our memories of them (or probably, in Matt's case, admit that he hasn't played them), but we mainly let the music do the talking.

We welcome your suggestions, so please feel free to visit us on the Forum or email us with your requests, and let us know the story behind your choice - or

GamerDork Rerolled - This is how we (re)roll...

GamerDork Rerolled is the newest incarnation of the GamerDork podcast, hosted by Leah Haydu and anywhere from one to five co-hosts per episode: Neil Brooks, Alex Shaw, Dan Illson, Elaine Stryker, and  Nick Dinicola. Started in 2011 and closely related to the GamerDork blog, the weekly show focuses mainly on video game news and discussion between whoever happens to get together for any given session.

We also love listener feedback so visit us on the Forum too, and send it to, and we will love you long time.

GamerDork Rerolled episode 006: Booty Call


Leah and Alex try to have a podcast without Wikipedia, and sort of succeed.

GamerDork Rerolled episode 005: Down the Duckhole


Skylanders swallows Leah's soul. Alex points and laughs.

GamerDork Rerolled episode 004: Coat Hangers and Shiny Things


The one where Leah plots world domination.

GamerDork Rerolled Episode 003


A weekly discussion about the world of video games.

GamerDork Rerolled Episode 2


A weekly discussion about the world of video games.