104: Purple Dress

Posted 16 May 2018
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and killing chickens

David's unwell and Jon's away, so Mat and James draft in podcast rivals Leon Cox and Darren Gargette from Cane and Rinse for this week's episode. There's a ton of news to get through, with everything from Nintendo's online offering to E3 leaks. Discussion then turns to God of War, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Moss, Laser League and more. Oh and with David being away, Mat's back to edit this week's show. Funny how David said "Oh you'll never edit this show again!" a few weeks ago, and now look. Anyway, it's a great edit this week with absolutely no laughter removed. Mostly becsause there was very little to remove in the first place.


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Artwork by BigShimmeryWall
Music by Nick Parton


CyberJohn 21 May 2018 06:33
The orange bag is no longer full.

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