076: Becoming Apparent

Posted 18 Oct 2017
Run time:02:24:03
File Size:66.04 MB
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and more loot boxes

The boys decide to keep it as a three man show again hoping that they’ll finally be able to keep things short. They fail. Again. David plays a game that he really shouldn’t be playing, Mat gets fully addicted to Stardew Valley and James wants to talk about loot boxes again.


Artwork by BigShimmeryWall
Music by Nick Parton


CyberJohn 23 Oct 2017 13:12
My dilemma is whether to play the Halo SPV3 mod which after ten years of extraordinary effort massively overhauls the classic game with new areas, guns and enemies or go to the local indoor market and listen to people shouting 'twel yogats fer e pand'.

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