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Andy ‘Android Satellite’ Satterthwaite.

DOB: 30.12.69

Role: Producer/Director/Company Secretary and anything else needed.

Background: Started programming aged 11 on school BBC Micros. Went on to do a BSc in Computing Mathematics at Sheffield Polytechnic and then an MSc in Parallel Computing and Computation at Warwick Uni. Started with Psygnosis as a programmer in September '93. Worked on a load of bits for different projects before starting on the PC conversion of WipeOut. Got the opportunity to move into production at the end of '95. Was senior internal producer at Psygnosis Liverpool, before leaving to become a monster (curly).

Game History:
Programmer: WipEout (PC)
Producer: WipEout 2097, Colony Wars, WipEout 64

Favourite Games Of all time:
Bust-A-Move 2, Elite, WipEout
Playing Now: Pokemon (blue)

Favourite Songs (at the moment)
Woob: "Wuub", Cocteau Twins: "Blue Bell Knoll", David Sylvian: "Praise", Hefner: "The Librarian"

Favourite Cute Thing: Eeyore (and Wonky my pet rabbit)

Quote of the moment: "Thinking dogs for the stupid”

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Andy Satterthwaite's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1995 title, "Wipeout" (PC) as Programmer. Of the titles listing Andy within the credits , "Wipeout 64" (N64) has been a best selling title.

Andy's most recent involvement was on the 2000 release "N-Gen Racing" (PlayStation).

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