Andy Nuttall

Got info on Andy Nuttall?
Born: Sept 1968

Games development manager for Sky Gamestar, and most proudly, SPOnG's mascot. Previously games editor for Channel 4 Television, and associate producer for Bullfrog Productions and Electronic Arts.

Softography: Theme Park World PC & PSX, Populous: The Beginning PC and PSX, Theme Hospital, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Gene Wars, Magic Carpet 2, Theme Park PSX, Hi-Octane PSX. Also worked on unreleased Indestructibles, Theme Resort and Void Star (Homeworld, eat yer heart out!).

In a previous life was editor of The One, probably the world's greatest Amiga magazine ;)

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Andy Nuttall's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1995 title, "Theme Park" (PlayStation) as Project Leader/Producer. Of the titles listing Andy within the credits , "Theme Hospital" (PC), "Theme Park World" (PC) and "Theme Park World" (PlayStation) have been best selling titles.

Andy's most recent involvement was as Associate/Assistant Producer on the 2000 release "Theme Park World" (PS2).

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