Richard Franke

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Born: Oct 1973

I am very much a team player, which means that being in games suits me down to the ground. I have always been into games from a very young age and always had a strong desire to create fictional worlds, which led to my natural development as an Environment Artist.

Building worlds is a large and complex job, which suits me as spinning many plates is something I sem to be comfortable at, which combined with my experience in many different areas made my move into Art Direction a logical one.

Coming from an environment design/modelling/texturing/lighting background has also meant I get to do a lot of design work, which I find extremely rewarding. I am currently developing several game ideas, both large and small.

I have just finished Burnout Paradise, having led the environment art/level design team, and then doing a production role working with the UI/HUD team. I also serve as a support role to the Art Director, hence my title of Associate Art Director.

Art Direction
Level design (gameplay)
Environment design (visual)
Game design
People management.
Negotiation and diplomacy.

Richard has worked at Muckyfoot Productions, Richard is an industry artist responsible for some of the design of Urban Chaos. He has worked on several unreleased projects for Scavenger and Eidos, but is now heavily involved in research and development. Richard is a big fan of Zelda 64. Not surprising when you consider he loves games, 2D/3D design and computers.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Richard Franke's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2000 title, "Urban Chaos" (PlayStation) as Artist/Animator/Modeller. Of the titles listing Richard within the credits , "Burnout Paradise" (Xbox 360) and "Burnout Paradise" (PS3) have been best selling titles.

Richard's most recent involvement was as Art/Design Management on the 2008 release "Burnout Paradise" (Xbox 360).

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