Mucky Foot

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Established: Feb 1997
Closed: Nov 2003
Reason: Forced into liquidation due to cancellation of work-in-progress

Mucky Foot is one of the UK’s most exciting new development studios. It was founded in February 1997 by three senior ex Bullfrog staff, Mike Diskett (Producer/Project Leader and Lead Programmer Syndicate Wars) Fin McGechie (Lead Artist Magic Carpet) and Guy Simmons (Project Leader/Lead Programmer Creation).

The past achievements of its' three founders inevitably attracted a great deal of press interest and a great many job enquiries from programmers and artists keen to join this exciting new team.

Over the past year Mucky Foot has grown gradually so that it now has seven employees. Work is now well underway on Mucky Foot’s first project - Urban Chaos. This game was signed to Eidos Interactive in September 1997. While the game has not been actively promoted to the press, the technology currently in place coupled with atmospheric graphics and the embryonic gameplay has never failed to impress any press visitor.

Mucky Foot’s philosophy is simple- they believe that the development process thrives best in a small scale, family-style environment and for that reason, have vowed never to expand past the twenty person mark.

One commonly asked question about Mucky Foot is - how on earth did they come up with such a strange name? - the answer as told by Mike Diskett is rather eerie:

“We spent a drunken late night (into the small hours, and on into the medium sized hours) trying to think of a name - some serious, some foolish, all useless! Early the next day, while recovering from a hangover we started watching the video Asterix Conquers America. In which there is a Red Indian tribe called The Mucky Foot tribe. Three light bulbs instantly lit above our heads. And so a company name was born. And just to confirm the choice, mother nature chose that moment to shine a ray of sunshine through the patio door, illuminating a large greasy foot print, by the size of it probably planted there by Fin the night before.”

With work progressing well on Urban Chaos which is due for publication on PC CD and the PlayStation in March 1999, Mucky Foot hopes shortly to be able to commence work on a second project.

Mucky Foot has already attracted a great deal of press interest and the impressive pedigree of every member of the team coupled with the product itself means that Mucky Foot is certainly a development house to watch.

For further information on Mucky Foot please contact Cathy Campos on 44 7000 726224 or email

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Mucky Foot's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1999 title, "Urban Chaos" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation and Dreamcast.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2006 release "Bulletproof Monk" (PS2).

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