Michel Cassius

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Cassius is responsible for marketing strategy for Xbox hardware and games in EMEA, including building the Xbox brand and driving consumer interest in Xbox as well as leading the European marketing team and managing relationships with Xbox marketing agencies. He manages a European team in charge of branding, advertising, PR, packaging, events, research and direct marketing for Xbox, as well as Xbox games published under the Microsoft Games Studio label. He leads the European Xbox Live team in defining a European approach to Xbox Live, building a Euro-centric strategy that benefits gainers and takes into account specific European issues. As well as directing overall Xbox Live strategy in Europe, Cassius works to build relationships with broadband providers and other partners.

Cassius also leads the European 3rd party account manager team in supporting Xbox publishing partners as well as managing Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) in Europe and heading up the Xbox certification function. Cassius works to build upon the extensive roster of third-party publishers developing games for Xbox. As well as developing new partnerships, Cassius is a senior-level contact point for publishers within the Xbox team, helping to ensure great creative output as well as maximising profit potential for third parties.

Cassius brings years of entertainment and video game industry experience to the Xbox team, joining in September 2001 from Electronic Arts (EA) where he started EA.com Europe, EA’s on-line gaming business. Cassius was responsible for developing the strategy and rolling out the business in the major European territories, and was a member of EA’s European executive team. Cassius was previously Business Development Director for EA Europe. He joined to build EA’s Affiliated Labels business in Europe and was promoted to manage EA’s New Businesses division. In both of these roles he developed strong relationships with major games publishers and other key players in the entertainment industry.

Before joining EA, Cassius was Marketing and Sales Manager, Apple Computer France. His key accomplishments were launching Apple’s successful Apple Consumer Products division, significantly increasing Apple’s market share in the consumer sector, and launching Apple’s multimedia business in France.

Cassius has also worked as a journalist and communications consultant for Radio France and Reuters, among others. He holds a Masters Degree from the Sorbonne in Journalism and completed master classes in business, finance and strategy from the London Business School.

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