Tancred Dyke-Wells

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Tancred is Studio Creative Director at Kuju's London studios, responsible for overseeing the direction and quality of the creative aspects of the company's titles ? game design, artwork, audio and writing. Prior to this he was Project Creative Director on Battalion Wars 1.

Writing games for the BBC Micro and Commodore Vic-20 as a child, he worked in television after University, moving on after a few years as the industry wasn't proving enough opportunity for direct creativity.

His return to games came in the mid-1990s. After taking evening classes in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere along with and various other creative software packages, he answered an advertisement in The Guardian for a Designer. Learning Softimage on the job, and teaching himself myself 3DStudio Max, Tancred's roles have since alternated between art and design, or positions which provided the chance to do both.

He has worked on BiO/Sys, Mission to Mars (unpublished), several Action Man titles, Carrera Racing, Dune Emperor, Fireblade, Reign of Fire, The Regiment, Battalion Wars DS, Battalion Wars Wii and several more as-yet undisclosed titles for Japanese Publishers.

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