Goichi Suda

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Goichi Suda chats the Switch, games characters talking to game characters, unlocking the Joycon

24 Apr 2018

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Suda51's directorial debut gets re-opened

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What is Worse: Blood or Sex?

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A right wind up?

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Boning zombies in hell

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Kratos, Touchdowns and T-Bagging.

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Sine Mora, No More Heroes, pants-shitting

28 Aug 2010

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Perfecting The Assass-Innuendo

05 Mar 2010

Goichi Suda A,K.A. Suda 51 Interview

Welcome to the Beam Katana

12 Feb 2008

Goichi Suda A.K.A. SUDA51 - No More Heroes Interview

Violence is the answer

21 Sep 2007

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