Scot Bayless

Got info on Scot Bayless?

In 1973, Scot was a young college student majoring Fine Art and Theater when he happened to take a short cut through the computer center on campus. He stopped to watch someone drawing elaborate 3D images on a huge graphics monitor and never looked back.

Five years later, he was a software engineer at a Silicon Valley aerospace company writing code for military simulations. Always a passionate player of games, he was presented with an opportunity to turn his passion into a career when, in 1987, he was approached by SSI to lead the PC development of their first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Once again, he never looked back.

Since then, Scot has coded, designed or produced over 20 games including Pool of Radiance, Falcon 3.0, Jurassic Park, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Train Simulator, Midtown Madness and now 007: Everything or Nothing. Scot lives in Redwood City California with his wife Kathy, his three children, and the neighbor cat, Blatz, who insists on adopting him.

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