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Gina Jackson began working in games in 1992 producing many titles for developers and publishers including Ocean Software before running a publishing studio for Infogrames. A move into business development first with Nokia in 2000 at the start of the mobile games industry and then to Kuju to sign console deals with Nintendo and Konami saw Gina build on her production expertise. As head of business development, new media she successfully took Eidos’ catalogue online through mobile, set-top boxes and digital distribution for both console and PC including the award winning Tomb Raider and Championship Manager mobile games. Gina now runs her own games consultancy business Blushing Blue with clients including Sony, Powersnooker and Chromativity as well as being Chief Executive of Women in Games Jobs.

I do some consultancy still including work on NFC mobile distribution but my main focus since 2012 has been women in games jobs with Formed in 2009 and is a not-for profit group promoting actively and positively women within the interactive entertainment industry increasing recruitment, retention and progression in all fields and in all types of organisations to the benefit of the whole industry.

According to creative skillsets figures the number of women working in games dropped from 16% in 2000 to just 6% in 2009. That why I took on the role, if things aren’t changing organically then we need to do something about it. We are awaiting their latest figures due out any day. WIGJ is wanting to understand why women are leaving, how we can increase the visibility of those women already in games and provide role models and support for those who would like to make a career from games. The lack of women is a complex and emotive subject. We want to create a debate and encourage discussion around the issue.

Games I am most proud to have been a part of include: Super Turrican II, True Pinball, Championship manager mobile, Tomb Raider mobile. The biggest impact I have had is in business development signing up many of the early mobile developers in 2000 to create WAP games for Nokia, signing a development deal for Kuju with Nintendo and taking Eidos’ catalogue online with the creation of new IP such as Solarola.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Gina Jackson's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1994 title, "Rise of the Robots" (SNES) as Project Leader/Producer.

Gina's most recent involvement was as Project Leader/Producer on the 1995 release "True Pinball" (PlayStation).

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