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Alan Miller joined Atari in February 1977, and was one of the first four Atari 2600 game designers. The games he created for the 2600 include Surround, Hunt & Score, Hangman and Basketball.

In late 1979, Miller left Atari with three other programmers, David CraneLarry Kaplan and Bob Whitehead. They were disappointed with the lack of recognition that Atari gave them for their games. With music industry executive, Jim Levy, they formed Activison. Miller acted as Vice President of Product Development and designed several of the company's first games. His games designed at Activision include Checkers, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Starmaster and Robot Tank

Miller and Whitehead left Activision in 1984 and together formed Accolade (a game publisher). With Accolade, Miller only designed one game Law of the West For the Commodore 64. Miller started as Vice President of Product Development, but in a few years rose to Chairman, then CEO.

After ten years at Accolade, Miller left in 1994. Ironically, Accolade was purchased by Infogrames, which later changed its subsidiaries name to Atari Inc.
In September 2001, Miller joined David Crane's company, Skyworks technologies, a developer of custom branded online games for Fortune 100 companies, where he served for four years.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Alan Miller's first video game work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1980 title, "Checkers" (Atari 2600/VCS) as Programmer.

Alan's most recent involvement was as Lead Programmer on the 1985 release "Law of the West" (C64).

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