Yo! Call of Duty: Ghost Double XP Weekend

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Yo! Call of Duty: Ghost Double XP Weekend
Activision is pushing the launch week of Call of Duty: Ghosts to make the most of the weekend with a Double XP extravaganza.

The official blurb is that, "we're turning on our Launch Double XP Weekend today. From 6pm (GMT) through to Monday, 11th November at 6pm (GMT), players on all platforms will earn twice the amount of XP on all of their Multiplayer actions. There is even a treat for people thinking of buying a NextGen console:

"For players thinking about upgrading to the next-gen platforms, all of their Multiplayer XP, stats and achievements earned on current-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts will follow them to the next-gen when they upgrade within console family."

See here for more info over at the next-gen upgrade page.

And here for the Double XP Launch Weekend FAQ.


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