Call of Duty Dev Gets Death Threat

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Call of Duty Dev Gets Death Threat
Yep, that's right: a death threat. Black Ops II received a patch yesterday for the Xbox 360 which triggered the kind of OTT reaction that just walks straight up to the Daily Mail and begs to be reprinted.

The patch notes consisted of general issue-fixes and a few new features, but the part that riled the gamers enough to make them violent is as follows:

Multiplayer Game Balancing

AN-94: Damage slightly reduced.

DSR 50: Rate of fire reduced.

Ballista: Rate of fire slightly reduced

... Weapon balancing, that's what's caused the developer, Mr. David Vonderhaar to receive the abuse that you can see in the image illustrating this story. No wonder the papers and news think of gamers as immature nerds. Threatening the guys who build your games? What's that about?

Ah well, read Mr. Vonderhaar's Twitter for more info

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