Platinum Games Writer on the Problem with Japanese Titles

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Platinum's Bayonetta
Platinum's Bayonetta
"The problems with JPN games are simple: Most of them aren?t very good games. People don?t buy those. Most games from anywhere aren?t good. That?s why exceptional means exceptional." So says Platinum Games writer and International Coordinator, Jean Kellams.

In a lengthy discussion on twitter, Kellams set out the problems facing Japanese games as he sees them, and it made for some very interesting reading. Siliconera pulled it all together, and we recommend that you go read it in full. But, to whet your appetite, here's a wee section on the way in which Japanese games create friction:

"Just imagine if you had to order McDonald?s like a Japanese game?s option menu. It would be horrific if you had ever been to a McD?s before. Can I take your order. Hamburger. Hamburger is a piece of meat, two buns, ketchup and mustard. Are you sure you want a hamburger? Yes. That is friction. Western games stop when the user says hamburger. They assume that user intent is initially correct. JPN games should too."


Daz 29 Jun 2012 12:52
I dunno, sometimes not being asked to confirm is really annoying(more so in-game than options though)
Congyu 23 Jul 2012 03:04
I think there has been Atmosfear 1, then 2. Then there was Nightmare in the States. I also think there was one after that. Don't know what it was called sorry. As for where to order them in the UK, I would just do a secrah on for it. Good luck
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