Stan Lee Loves Games Like Vernon Kay

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Stan Lee rocking the 1970s (via Comic Book Daily)
Stan Lee rocking the 1970s (via Comic Book Daily)
What do Vernon Kay, light entertainer extraordinaire, and Stan Lee, the daddy of Marvel comics, have in common?

"I love games." That's what Stan Lee says. Quizzed about the future of gaming by the BBC at Activision's E3 press conference, Stan said, "I think that all of entertainment is coming together, it's sort of homogenising. You're gonna have comic books, you're gonna have cartoons, movies, television, videogames and music - they're all becoming one thing." Maybe Smilin' Stan Lee could replace Joker-grinning Bobby Kotick at the head of Activision-Blizzard.

That's what Vernon Kay says.

And don't we all feel validated by the appearance of celebrities at gaming events?


Tess 17 Jun 2010 20:46
I didn't know there was a vernon kay game
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