Gran Turismo Total Sales Would Take MW2 Two Months

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Gran Turismo Total Sales Would Take MW2 Two Months
Just to get some idea of the impact that Modern Warfare 2's supermarket discounted sales could have in terms of game sales figures, Polyphony Digital has released details of life-to-date sales for the Gran Turismo series of games. The chaps at the thesixthaxis have the full breakdown, but the total figure is: 53,000,000 units across all territories and all formats.

Impressive and profitable. But now for some fun and games, which are for illustrative purposes only. We are aware that Day One sales do not continue at such a rate. However, given that Modern Warfare 2 sold 1.23 million on Day One... it would only take it 43 days and a few hours to sell as many games as the entire Gran Turismo series, which started life in 1997.

As we say, fun and games with stats and that is all.


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