Game Development: Brands and Shit

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Game Development: Brands and Shit
This one's really for the games devs - and marketers - and we're sorry if you've seen it before. It concerns the wise words of Petri Kuittinen. He was the lead game designer at Riot-E back in 2000-2001. Riot-E was going to lead the world in mobile game development.

We'd suggest that you start concentrating on Petri's bemused description of how game development worked (back then of course... not now) when it becomes attached to 'brands' and 'management' from about -2.02 on the video player's control bar.

Suffice to say, the phrase: "Whatever shit you put with this brand... it will sell" crops up.

We apologise if this is old news to you... it made us laugh and nod sagely in equal part.

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