Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition - Switch

Also known as: Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition

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Also for: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up: Sniper
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Rebellion Soft. Co.: Rebellion
Publishers: Rebellion (GB)
Released: 1 Oct 2019 (GB)
Features: Handheld Mode, TV Mode, Tabletop Mode
Accessories: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Connectivity: Save data cloud
Subscriptions: Paid online membership service


Sniper Elite is back, taking players to a new area of conflict in World War II. This time, the action takes place against the backdrop of the beautiful yet deadly terrain of North Afica. It's not just the environment that's new and dangerous, however. The game throws a new enemy into the mix, too.

Armed to the teeth with Tiger tanks and the latest armaments, Germany's infamous Afrika Korps has the Allies outnumbered, outgunned and in serious trouble. To make a bad situation worse, intelligence suggests that the Nazis are developing a super weapon that could bring the entire war to an unfavourable end.

Sniper Elite III continues the fight of OSS sniper Karl Fairburne. The clue as to how the game plays is, of course, in the title. As a sniper you get all the thrills of putting a bullet through an enemiy's eyeball at long distance without any of the tedium of hiding under a bush for three days.

It's not all killing from a distance, though. There are multiple ways to approach each mission and you might be better off taking someone out at short range, but you'd be best off being as stealthy as you can. Lighting is an important part of the game and, rather than just being an aesthetic effect, the shadow will conceal you.

Of course, the infamous x-ray cam of Sniper Elite V2 is back so you can watch your bullet actually enter an enemy, and it's been tweaked with added muscle layers to feat your eyes on too. Likewise, multiplayer makes a return with matches for up to 12.