Defender - Xbox 360

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Also for: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Combat Game
Media: Download Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Microsoft (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)


It’s the future, and the galaxy has been invaded by hostile alien forces. Attacking in countless swarms, the aliens decimate all planets they encounter. Those who survive the initial invasions are harvested to serve the alien invaders. Mankind's only hope lies in the “Defender.” Blast away at alien ships while ensuring the safety of all abducted humans by safely depositing them on the planet’s surface.


* Classic and enhanced modes - Choose between playing this arcade classic in its original form or with a visual facelift.
* Multiplayer mayhem – Gamers pit their skills against rivals or team up with friends.
o Local 2-player versus mode – Each player takes turns to play and compete.
o Xbox Live 2-player versus mode – Gamers play their own game, but compete against a friend and are updated on the progress of the other player.
o 2 player co-operative mode (local and Xbox Live) - Both players control their own game and work together for a combined score.
* Full Xbox Live leaderboards - Single-Player, Versus, Co-op, and Weekly
* 12 Achievements worth a total of 200 Gamerscore points