Little Britain: The Video Game - PC

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Also for: PS2, PSP
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Revolution Studios Soft. Co.: Mastertronic
Publishers: Blast! Entertainment (GB/GB)
Released: 2 Feb 2007 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 12
No Accessories: No Accessories


Computer may say 'no', but you have to say yes to the Little Britain video game. Every year, people from around the world flock to places like Llandewi Breffi and the south-east of North Westershire, realise they've made a wrong turn at the roundabout and then flock off somewhere else. And with this genius slice of hokum from the warped minds behind the telly programme, you can pay a visit to these places and more, without having to budge from your scummy lounge.

Getting gay is not the only way to progress in Little Britain: The Video Game, although a spell as Dafydd Thomas is essential. You get to skate alongside Vicky Pollard and be a lady for Emily Howard, among other activities. In Darkley Noone, the park is full of CDs waiting to be picked up by the delightful Miss Pollard in order to be able to provide some hooj chewns at her party. Skating around the park in a pick up frenzy is the order if the day. This is the only activity available at the beginning of the game: everything else has to be unlocked. Next up are Lou and Andy at the swimming pool, where Andy has to perform at least three dives before time runs out and he is spotted. Then it's onto the Sessex Fat Fighters and Marjorie Dawes's lust for cake and biscuits; Letty Bell, an unwanted birthday gift, some frogs and a rolling pin; Emily and Florence and a game of Soccerball…it's quite a collection of games.

There are two main elements to Little Britain: The Video Game. The Tour mode is where you try to accumulate points to open up subsequent games. Challenge mode is just that: follow the instructions on screen and try to beat the game. And when you tire of the minigame-based gameplay, have a flick through the game's manual. That's good for a laugh too.

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