The Guy Game - PS2

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The Guy Game (PS2)
Also for: PC, Xbox
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Atomic Planet Soft. Co.: TOPHEAVY
Publishers: Take 2 (US)
Released: Sept 2004 (US)
Ratings: ESRB Mature 17+ (M)


The Guy Game puts you in the world's wildest party spot for the steamiest Spring Break action ever! Shot live at South Padre Island, this Red-Hot Trivia Challenge lets you play with over 60 smokin' coeds during Spring Break Insanity, as they proudly show off their "assets" for your personal enjoyment. You bring the party and we'll supply the game - YOU'LL SCORE EVERY TIME!

Each episode features interviews, stunts and challenges with over 60 uninhibited college Hotties! Get to know your contestants and pay close attention to the mini-interviews and the colorful commentary so you can wager on your girl during the Hottie Challenge! Complete an episode and unlock new episodes, pictures, girls, videos and more!

Up to 4 players at a time can compete against each other for supremacy and presidential privileges. If you're the player with the most points, you make up all the "Rules" while the other players help you beat up on the A-Hole!

Challenge your buddies and play for the highest score with over 1000 popular trivia questions from the worlds of Sports, Movies, TV and more! But pay attention Guys ... during the Bonus question, you must play as a team to boost the Flash-O-Meter to See More Skin!