WarioWare Twisted - GBA

Also known as: Mawaru Made in Wario', 'Wario Ware Inc. 2

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Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Board Game
Classic Arcade
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Nintendo Soft. Co.: Nintendo
Publishers: Nintendo (GB/US)
Released: 14 Oct 2004 (JP)
23 May 2005 (US)
2006 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+, ESRB Everyone


Prepare to be twisted and turned in ways you've never experienced before as the innovative and exciting WarioWare Twisted! comes to the SP. Players must battle their way through a selection of fast-paced microgames by literally tipping and tilting their Game Boy Advance using the all new tilt sensor! In addition, this unique game encompasses a cartridge with rumble functionality.

Taking the hugely popular WarioWare formula of randomly generated mini-games and wickedly tight time limits, WarioWare Twisted! adds extra excitement thanks to the inclusion of the all new tilt sensor. This latest gaming innovation from Nintendo detects how players physically move their Game Boy Advance and transfers the movement to the ingame action.

Having accidentally broken his Game Boy Advance, Wario takes it to be fixed by mad scientist Dr. Crygor. When he gets it back he finds that it has now gained the ability to play games by twisting the console. Always on the look out for ways to make a quick buck, Wario enlists the help of the staff at WarioWare, Inc. to create a series of exciting spin-controlled microgames.

WarioWare Twisted! does not use the Game Boy Advance control pad at all, instead all ingame movement is controlled by tilting and rotating the console. The player is put on a knife-edge with under five seconds to figure out and solve an onscreen puzzle. Microgames have players altering gravity, shaving a man's face, catching pancakes and even doing sit-ups. Failure to complete a task correctly, or within the time limit, results in the player losing a life and the game moving onto the next challenge.

Fans of the series will be glad to know that each minigame successfully completed is unlocked as a stand-alone game, letting them challenge increasingly difficult versions of their favourite game in a high-score challenge. Successfully completing the various levels also unlocks over 130 zany items and minigames for you to play.

Inevitably the highly competitive 'High Score' mode will have even the best of friends bickering about who is the WarioWare Twisted! grand champion. For this very reason the game includes an unlockable strength challenge to settle any scores! A player holds a side of the Game Boy Advance each with their finger on their shoulder button. When the game says go, players must twist the console towards their opponent to knock down their onscreen character!