GBA tilt-action duo confirmed for Europe!

Exclusive details on Wario Ware 2 and Yoshi?s Universal Gravity inside

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Wario - A bad mothershutyourmouth!
Wario - A bad mothershutyourmouth!
Nintendo?s awesome motion sensing duo comprising Wario Ware Twist (a brand new title by the way, revised from the tentative Wario Ware Motion) and Yoshi?s Universal Gravity has been confirmed for a European release.

Although the egg-producing hermaphrodite/asexual dinosaur/lizard thingy still has no date, Mario?s bastard nemesis offshoot is slated for March of 2005.

As you may already know, both games make full use of the underexploited tilt GBA cart augmentation, meaning that Game Boy Player users will have a difficult time. However, word on whether the game will be available to original GBA owners has yet to reach us. The cartridges enter the two machines in opposite ways, so would invert the controls left and right accordingly... get your head round that one.

We have a request currently with NCL, so expect an update in the next week or so.


btnheazy03 20 Oct 2004 20:48
heh, try using tilt-motion on PSP. and super monkey ball would be awesome with such a control scheme. here's hoping super monkey ball for DS/GBA would come out .. hear that, sega?
Alan is my first name 21 Oct 2004 00:11
I'm just going to assume that any tilt game on the PSP would enduce many a broken handheld.

But do you guys realize how difficult "Kirby's Tilt N' Tumble" was? I mean, rolling down paths at full speed and having to make an abrupt turn onto a moving platform made people look as if they have terrets syndrome in public.

Imagine doing motion gaming to rapid paced mini-games.
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