Iron Phoenix - Xbox

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: InterServ
Publishers: Sammy (US)
Released: Jun 2005 (US)
Connectivity: Xbox Live


Iron Phoenix, exclusively for Xbox Live, brings a new genre to online multiplayer games as the first-ever 16-player 3D fighting game. The game combines strategic team-play with melee combat, offering new multiplayer modes and games traditionally found in online shooters, an exciting single-player mission mode, more than ten playable characters and a huge variety of weapon-based combos and attacks. Iron Phoenix follows the fate of a set of weapons forged from the shards of a massive meteor. Rumors of the power of the Iron Phoenix weapons, as they came to be called, gave way to wars and bloodshed that only served to increase their potency. A legend claiming absolute power to the warrior who controlled all the weapons became the thunder portending the final storm; a call to arms to the remaining warriors to gather for the last decisive battles. Survivors of the wars and masters of the weapons converged to fight to the death and choose who would wield the nine weapons of the Iron Phoenix. Iron Phoenix offers a new fight game experience, with 16-player Kung-Fu fighting, beautiful open arenas and outdoor environments, and a premise straight out of a classic martial arts epic.

  • Engage in 16-player online melee combat with players from around the world via Xbox Live

  • More than 10 playable characters, with movements motion captured from world-class martial artists for authentic Kung-Fu and film-inspired wire-fu fight styles

  • Nine unique weapons, each with a large variety of combos and special attacks

  • Strategic melee combat providing for a new fighting game experience, with new play modes and multiplayer games traditionally found in online shooters

  • Unparalleled fighting variety, with moves and attacks unique to each weapon and the ability to string together team-based combos

  • Massive environments, with beautiful wide-open combat arenas, giant caverns and entire villages serving as your battleground

  • Exciting single-player mission mode uncovers the story behind the mythical Chinese premise