Ford Racing Evolution - PS2

Also known as: Ford Racing 2

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Ford Racing Evolution (PS2)
Also for: PC, Xbox
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Racing: Car
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Razorworks Soft. Co.: Empire Interactive
Publishers: Empire Interactive (GB)
Released: 31 Oct 2003 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Memory Card, Analogue Control Compatible: all buttons
Features: Vibration Function Compatible


In a similar way to the recent Mercedes Benz World Racing, this latest racer from Empire focuses purely on one particular car manufacturer - as you may have already guessed, that would be Ford. Taking an extensive range of vehicles, some of which date back as far as 1949, Ford Racing Evolution delivers a diverse array of driving scenarios, in which players are presented with numerous objective-based challenges.

And when we say diverse array, we mean it - not only can you expect to get behind the wheel of a Focus RS and scream through your standard racing game tracks, the game also has you speeding round ovals, taking 4x4's off road, partaking in inner city chases, and even road testing some of the latest concept cars.

There are 32 vehicles on offer in total, including all the Ford favourites you would hope/expect. As such, you're able to try out such machines as the Ford GT40, the new 2004 F-150, the SVT Lighnting, the 2002 Thunderbird, the Mustang Mach III, and the Starsky and Hutch classic, the Gran Torino. As is generally the case with video games these days, all these joys don't come easy and, if you want to get your hands on the full roster then you're going to have to work for it. Each track, race and pursuit has its respective challenge, which subsequently unlocks a new car if you can beat it. All of these vehicles have their strong points, but it's up to you to master them.

With the inclusion of a two-way multiplayer option, a challenge mode, time trials, and an elimination mode, Ford Racing Evolution certainly offers plenty of longevity. It's not at all easy either, so you can expect to have to put some serious time and effort in. £20 maximum? Bargain!


Ford Racing Evolution - PS2 Artwork

Ford Racing Evolution - PS2 Artwork

Ford Racing Evolution - PS2 Artwork