Driving Collection - PC

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Driving Collection (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Empire Interactive (GB)
Released: 25 Jun 2004 (GB)


Crazy Taxi
Delivered with an incredible sense of freedom considering its arcade status, Crazy Taxi pits players in the downtown area of a busy city in a topless yellow taxi. Your task is simply to earn as much money as possible by taking resident customers littered about the streets to their desired location in the quickest time. Each of the passengers have a different colour ring surrounding their bodies that indicate how far they wish to travel. The longer distance runs are both trickier and time consuming but are worth far more money. Time is a precious element in this game, as you have a strict limit that can only be replenished by successful fares. If you take too long, it's game over. The more fares you complete, the more money you earn, the more play time you get. The trick is to keep the proverbial ball rolling as long as you can.

Big Mutha Truckers
Welcome to the new, improved Big Mutha Truckers for PC. The delay in getting the game to PC (and to GameCube) signified a host of additions and improvements to the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions previously seen. Empire obviously listened closely to the feedback received from Xbox and PS2 gamers, and made a few adjustments here and there. The story, such as it is, remains the same: Ma Jackson, the head ‘Mutha’ of the trucking company, wants to retire from the company. She has four children she can leave the company to, but cannot decide to whom she should give the responsibility. Trial by truck is the only answer, as players select one of the Jackson offspring and take to the road.

Total Immersion Racing
As the quest for the ultimate virtual driving experience continues to challenge games developers, Empire Interactive steps into the fray with not only an authentic physics engine, but a clever opponent AI system. Total Immersion Racing, as the title suggests, strives to create an immersive gameplay environment, offering high quality driving technology and real-world vehicles and tracks.

Ford Racing 2
In a similar way to the recent Mercedes Benz World Racing, this latest racer from Empire focuses purely on one particular car manufacturer - as you may have already guessed, that would be Ford. Taking an extensive range of vehicles, some of which date back as far as 1949, Ford Racing Evolution delivers a diverse array of driving scenarios, in which players are presented with numerous objective-based challenges.

London Racer
As you speed through the centre of London, Oxford and on the M25 you’ll be outrunning the police, crashing into roadworks, smashing traffic camera’s and breaking all the rules! Have you ever dreamt of blasting through rush hour traffic at 180 mph or running other traffic off the road? Well, now you can! But be careful! As in real life the police are lurking everywhere, ready to catch you if they can. 8 super realistic tracks take you past many famous landmarks and well-known English scenery. Race over the London Tower Bridge, fly past Buckingham Palace,cruise over Trafalgar Square and speed through Stonehenge! 6 opponents continuously challenge you in high-speed chases to the finish of each track. Winning earns you better cars (10 popular models to choose from!) and upgrades, increasing your chances in the next race. London Racer is the ultimate British racing game!

Europe Racer
Discover illegal street racing through the whole of Europe. Through every major city, such as Paris, London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Florence, Amsterdam, Marseille, Athens, Berlin, with all nations and the most exotic cars from all over Europe competing against each other.