Dance: UK - PlayStation

Also known as: Dance Europe

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Dance: UK (PlayStation)
Also for: PS2, Xbox
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Rhythm: Dance
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Broadsword Interactive Soft. Co.: Big Ben
Publishers: Big Ben (GB)
Released: 17 Oct 2003 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Memory Card, Dance Mat


Bigben’s Dance: UK pits dancing-loving gamers in a Konami Dancing Stage clone complete with a refreshing new soundtrack and solid arcade gameplay. Additionally, players can take to the floor with a unique 8-way dance mat and wireless microphone headset, allowing you to look just like Britney while you play.

Dance: UK follows the usual genre formula of pressing the right button - or indeed, stepping on the right part of the mat - in time with hip and funky soundtracks via an onscreen arrow prompt. The game comes complete with its own collection of bespoke dance tracks but, more importantly, also contains a host of licensed tracks too, including chart-toppers such as Misteeq, Sugababes, DJ Sammi, Junior Senior, and Oliver Cheatham ft. Room 5.

The main section of the game sees players progressing through a series of dance competitions before attempting to win the top prize in a professional dance tournament. The onscreen action and dancing characters may not be as sophisticated their PS2 counterparts and the visuals may be a little more chunky and rough, but the PSone version achieves the same result quite easily. There are three difficulty levels in all, so accessibility doesn’t cause any problems to inexperienced ‘dancers’. Beginners can learn with slower tracks and use the traditional 4-way dance steps, whereas skilled players can take on some advanced manoeuvres with faster BPM's and 8-way dancing.

As you would expect, there's also a head-to-head mode that allows players to compete against one another. This mode features a rather note-worthy handicap system that allows players with two left feet to compete against the more talented dancer and stand at least half a chance of winning. Even more fun is a consecutive multi-player mode, allowing up to eight players to compete in teams of pairs.

Throughout the game, the dance routines have been professionally choreographed by graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance and have been designed to exploit Dance: UK’s new 8-way system to give a more fluid feel. The result is an absorbing and addictive dance-em-up that, if you're not too careful, will have you bopping about in front of your telly for longer periods than perhaps you should. Best get them curtains drawn, eh?


Dance: UK - PlayStation Artwork