HipHop eJay 5 - PC

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HipHop eJay 5 (PC)
Viewed: 2D Combination Genre:
Practical: Music
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: eJay Soft. Co.: eJay
Publishers: Empire Interactive (GB)
Released: 5 Sept 2003 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
No Accessories: No Accessories


Get deep down and dirty with HipHop eJay 5, the latest in an award-winning eJay series for creativing authentic and cutting-edge urban tunes! Grab that booty and get down with the bouncin' bass! Scratch the virtual vinyl in the Scratch Kreatorä and become the ultimate spin doctor with this professional editing tool. Conjure up the phattest basslines ever and blow away the opposition with the Mophonix Supabass, total originality guaranteed!

Join the likes of Eminem, DJ Shadow, Jazzy Jeff, ICE T or 50 Cent with HipHop eJay 5. Lay down those rib bustin' ryhmes in the Rap 'n' Record Boxä and create your own lucious licks from an outstanding 4,000 royalty free brand new samples - simply trip your way to HipHop heaven! Write and rap to your own lyrics, recreate rhymes using your favourite HipHop artist or even 'bust a freestyle'!

Yes, you can become both the emcee and producer of your track. Record and rap along to your mix and then use the editing suite to create the perfect urban masterpiece! Rock wit the honeys and hommies and complete that rap dream with the ultimate sound studio for your PC and the award winning successor, HipHop eJay 5!

  • More than 4,000 brand new, royalty-free hip hop samples in CD quality: HipHop, Nu-skool, Rap, Freestyle, old school, R'n'B and Funk!

  • 48-track Arranger in stereo CD quality

  • Innovative Scratch Kreatorä for professional live DJ scratching with your mouse! Create scratch patterns that would be virtually impossible on a real turntable, the combination of scratches is endless!

  • Rap n Recordä - recording studio for rapping to your mix. Check out this totally original concept with 8 real time effect presets and 25 vocal presets available. Create a true 'Rap-lead' using the pro studios features such as auto splitter and high-end time stretcher!

  • Groove Generatorä - combined drum computer and step sequencer with 500 drum sounds supplied for creating your own beats and recording live sessions

  • All new expanded FX Studio including vocoder, harmonizer, equalizer, reverb etc. for modifying samples and creating new ones or even a remix CD

  • Real Stretch(tm) Time Stretcher for changing the tempo of your samples without altering the pitch

  • Stylish user-friendly interface based on eJay's successful Drag & Drop principle

  • Web link-up for access to the huge eJay online sound archive!

  • Import MP3 files and export your own tracks as *.wav or *.mix music files