Clubworld - PS2

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Clubworld (PS2)
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Practical: Music
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: eJay Soft. Co.: eJay
Publishers: Empire Interactive (GB)
eJay (GB)
Released: 30 Aug 2002 (GB)
26 Sept 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


In eJay ClubWorld, the user can explore the world's club scene and can easily make his or her own music in a particular club. Each real-life club and location stands for a typical music and lifestyle. Features include integrated drum machine, synthesiser, video animator using outstanding 3D graphic FX, and scratch mode never seen before in any other PlayStation product. A twelve chapter tutorial introduces the user to the interface. Furthermore, the PS2 music game features a massive sound library of 10 000 sounds and loops covering more than 20 styles of music. Last but not least, you will be able to join in the multiplayer Live Jam Mode with your friends. You can save more than 100 songs on one single Memory Card. What's more, eJay's forthcoming PS2 product can also be used as a jukebox.

Clubworld features

  • Eight clubs around the world to enter: Amnesia (Spain), U60311 (Germany), Athena (India), Brooklyn (USA), Queen Club (France), The End (UK), Zouk (Singapore), Old Mill (Virgin Islands) all introduced by big-name DJ Carl Cox.
  • 10,000 sounds from the most common electronic music genres across the world of dance, house and hiphop covering more than 20 styles: hiphop, rap, nu skool, R&B, 2-step, trance, hard trance, techno, chillout, easy listening, ambient, filtered house, tech house, vocal house, drum and bass, trip hop, breakbeat, electro, acid, reggae and latin.
  • eJay scratch turntables controlled with analog sticks for great live mixing
  • eJay Groove Generator and Hyper Generator for own drum beats
  • eJay Mix Station - jukebox and mix-player/ eJay PS2 3D-visualizer and Video Generator/ eJay MultiPlayer - perfect live jamming with up to 4 Players using multitap.
  • Real-time eJay Audio Engine with hifi stereo sound output in CD-quality
  • Unique eJay streaming routines for instant music creation in real-time
  • Equalizer, booster and audio mixer incl. panorama for each track for optimal sound manipulation


Clubworld - PS2 Artwork