Worms Blast - Power Mac

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Worms Blast (Power Mac)
Also for: PC, PS2, GameCube, GBA
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Feral Interactive (GB)
Released: 2002 (GB)


Worms Blast introduces and develops a range of madcap characters from the cult world of Worms, including Calvin the Super Sheep, Ethel the Old Woman, Stavros Skunk and Rocky the much-maligned Concrete Donkey. There are nine characters in all and three to find and unlock in the single player game.

Worms Blast pits these characters against each other in a furious battle of wits, dexterity and speed of thought, each clambering aboard it's own vessel and whizzing across the water, blasting the advancing cells, shooting the opponent and gathering bonus items. The player can destroy the advancing cells by shooting coloured missiles and drop combinations, loosen stars and unlock special weapon crates. At the same time, their opponent is doing the same and all hell breaks loose when the walled divider opens up for a brief head to head no-holds-barred action!

Worms Blast is a real mix of genres; it's part strategy, part brainteaser, but certainly all action. The game offers many ways to play for both single and multiplayer.

In single player, there is a large puzzle game featuring 60 different levels and a map to explore with original new puzzles, a training section, and characters to find and unlock. There is also a huge tournament mode where a number of disciplines can be undertaken - and a versus mode where you can fight the AI characters! In multiplayer mode, there are eight completely different game-modes, which change the focus and tactics required. From more cerebral challenges to all-out warfare and action, it is a blast between two players. The game has been designed to be very easy to pick up and play, it's great fun for one or two players and has a high replay value, no great manual or plot to read - just like the good old days!