Postal: Classic and Uncut - PC

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Postal: Classic and Uncut (PC)
Viewed: 2D Isometric, Scrolling Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Running With Scissors Soft. Co.: Running With Scissors
Publishers: Whiptail (GB)
Released: 29 Aug 2003 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 18+
Accessories: Control Pad


In the wake of the controversial first-person shooter Postal 2, released in April this year, it seems that developer Running with Scissors has seen fit to re-release the even more controversial and less exposed original. Banned in several countries when it was first released in 1997 and responsible for the developers being sued by the United States Postal Service, Postal is back and, as the title suggests, in a classic and uncut guise.

Apparently inspired by the US postal worker who went on a killing spree in reaction to getting the sack (hence all the suing business), Postal basically casts players into a similar scenario and charges them with the task of murdering just about everyone on screen. Quite sick really, but it's not as if anyone's going to play it and subsequently feel inspired to take a load of guns and explosives to school or anything.

Having been developed some six years ago, Postal isn't likely to blow you away with its super-realistic 3D graphics. As was still common back then, the game features scrolling isometric scenery and sprite-based characters, which is why it isn't going to create much of an uproar in these more tolerant and violence-immune times.

The Classic and Uncut subtitle also means that the game comes bundled with a few extras: Postal: Special Delivery is the game's expansion pack, which introduces four extra levels, new characters, new sounds, and new game modes to the proceedings. And also in there is a demo of Postal 2.

Not a bad little compendium for anyone needing to vent a bit of anger.


Postal: Classic and Uncut - PC Artwork