Original Postal set to return

Whiptail overturns ban, releases cult game

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Original Postal set to return
Running With Scissors' original outing, the notorious Postal, is set to make a return to our unsuspecting shelves repackaged as Postal: Classic and Uncut.

The game, banned in ten counties, was originally released six years ago and caused a massive storm of protest. Now that we live in a graphics-degrading post Vice City world, seemingly it is not as dangerous and offensive as it once was.

In a typically bullish statement, Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi said, "Step aside Kubric, once it had been banned, it took them 21 years to re-release the ultraviolent cult film 'A Clockwork Orange'. We've done the same thing with Postal in less than six."


It's also worth mentioning that the original Postal is without question one of the worst games ever made. It contains nothing of any substance graphically, technically or in terms of gameplay. It's place in history, however, is unquestionable.

"The hi-profile launch of Postal 2 generated a huge amount of interest; people wanted to know where the idea came from for the game - they were keen to see the original Postal," enthused Chris Warrender, publishing director of Whiptail Interactive, "Not to disappoint, we are publishing the original game with the 'Special Delivery' pack in a limited edition 'Postal: Classic and Uncut'."

What's happening in the world today? Or perhaps we're just getting old?


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