Clock Tower 3 - PS2

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Adventure: Survival Horror
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Sunsoft Soft. Co.: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (GB)
Released: 27 Jun 2003 (GB)
2002 (JP)
Ratings: 15+
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only
Accessories: Memory Card


Being more or less solely responsible for the popularisation of the survival horror genre, it's only to be expected that Capcom should come up with the goods with the release of this latest scare-em-up. Co-developed by Sunsoft, Clock Tower 3 treads a similar path to the renowned Resident Evil series, whilst introducing new gameplay elements and placing a heavy emphasis on dramatic storytelling.

Set in a number of locations throughout various different eras, including 1940's London, the game sees players take on the role of Alyssa Hamilton, an English schoolgirl who learns that over the last century members of her family have been cursed to fight the powers of evil. Up until now, Alyssa's relatives have failed in this ongoing struggle, so it seems like it's up to her to sort things out.

The game itself sees players take on the role of Alyssa as she attempts to escape various monstrous spirits in order to save herself and the tortured souls of their victims. Seeing as Alyssa is merely a 15-year old schoolgirl, she obviously doesn't have a huge arsenal of weaponry at her disposal, like in most survival horrors. Instead, she must rely on her cunning and guile to evade the clutches of these evil spirits and unravel the puzzles behind each murder. Only then can she summon the sacred weapon necessary to destroy each sinister monster.

A novel concept to the game is the way in which players experience Alyssa's fear and trepidation. As her fear grows, so does her panic meter, with the result that Alyssa becomes harder to control, sometimes even stumbling and with the added confusion of the screen blurring. To alleviate these symptoms, players need to find a safe place to hide until the danger passes or use the calming effects of lavender.

If you're a fan of the genre, then you're going to love this latest dose of spine-chilling gaming. It's everything you'd expect from Capcom, and comes complete with cinematics from Kinji Fukasaku, the guy dubbed as the 'last great Japanese action movie director'.