Hoobs, The - PlayStation

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Hoobs, The (PlayStation)
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Arcade origin:No
Developer: Runecraft
Publishers: Sony (GB)
Released: 7 Jun 2002 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


Jim Henson's colourful creations, The Hoobs, have captivated TV audiences and now they bring their special brand of fun learning to PS one. The game follows the adventures of Iver, Tula and Groove as they embark on a voyage of discovery around Hoobland, sharing their experiences with other Hoobs via an enormous database - the 'Hoobopaedia' - as well as the local news station and the internet. There's a whole load of stuff just waiting to be discovered, as well as some interesting Hoob language.

Instantly recognisable, the Hoobs are a colourful gang who have been challenged by the great Hubba Hubba to help compile a special database of information about the weird and wonderful things that can be found around Hoobland. So begins a journey that takes in a variety of different locations, from the heat of the jungle to the cool air of the mountainside. Of course a big part of the adventure involves solving some puzzles, so it pays to get to know some 'Peeps' (the Hoob word for humans) who can help you find the answers. As well as exploring such far flung destinations as the Arctic, each level of the game contains a whopping 15 mini-games and activities so there's plenty to keep you guessing over. And if you're really good (you can progress through the easy, medium and hard levels) you might even win yourself a bonus dance game - it's yours if you can complete the five main locations in the game.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of The Hoobs is their special language. Even if you haven't seen the TV show, you'll quickly learn the lingo, where words like 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'human' all have their very own Hoob translation. So, you might give your favourite 'peep' a 'hoobledigger' or offer them a 'hoobjuice', for example. How hoobygroovy is that?!

You can also get to know each main character - Iver, Tula and Groove - really well, as you can play a different Hoob in each different location in the game, getting to know their different characters and special talents. Each game aims to be challenging, but the gameplay is easy to pick up, even for newcomers to the PlayStation. And if you should get into any trouble working out the answer to a particular question, you can always call on parents to help out. Oh, and all those friendly peeps and tiddlypeeps (little humans) you meet on your journey will offer lots of support. This is a game that makes learning really exciting and introduces you to some amazing places and people, not least Iver, Tula, Groove and friends!