NBA Street - GameCube

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NBA Street (GameCube)
Also for: PS2
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Basketball
Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Electronic Arts (US/JP)
Released: 17 Feb 2002 (US)
22 Mar 2002 (JP)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Memory Card


The game that took the nation by storm last summer on the PlayStation 2 is back and better than ever, as EA SPORTS BIG brings NBA STREET and it's barrage of hot streetball action to the all-new Nintendo GameCube. Take basketball back to its roots on the street to face off against the biggest and baddest street legends in the land in the first and only streetball game for the Nintendo GameCube. Show off your mad hoops skills and make your opponents buckle with "ankle-breaking" moves and fierce dunks. Drain treys from deep beyond the arc or bang around down low and dominate the post with your inside game. With "off-the-backboard" no-look passes and dizzying crossover dribbles your opponent will be beggin' for mercy as you pump up your power meter. Stop...Pop...Drop -- Count it, baby! If your game's weak, you don't have to go home, but you've gotta get off the court. It's not basketball. It's streetball. You got game?

Key Features
<li>Power up your team by taking opponents to school. Boost your momentum meter by pulling off sweet moves. The more you pour on the highlights the bigger the boost creating even bigger moves and more points for unlocks.
<li>Would you like a little mustard with that hot dog? Monster dunks, high-flying rejections and rockin' collisions. These are the ill moves you'll only see in NBA STREET. All movements are based on real-life physics, but are pumped up for over the top arcade-action.
<li>Take on the best the street has to offer in City Circuit Mode.
NBA STREET challenges you to battle the best of "The Street" on amazingly intricate streetcourts all over the USA in this unique level-based challenge. Add your favorite player from the team you just beat-you'll need him to take on the devastating level bosses: The Street Legends. Better bring your "A" game because the legends are bringing theirs and will run you off the court if you don't.
<li>Rake in the rewards as you go court to court on a quest for the big boss. Hit the road in Circuit City and unlock NBA players, Streetball Legends, and amazing street courts all over the USA. In Hold the Court mode players can win cool accessories from shoes to tattoos if they've got game.
<li>Holler "Who's Got Next" in Hold The Court Mode. Play with the Street Legends and take on all comers with the baddest ballers in the land. Pick a court and hold it against mixed squads of NBA players. Play single player or against a friend. Set the court record for consecutive "W's" and become a legend.
<li>The most unique and mind-blowing animations ever available in a video game.
Some of the best streetballers in the country showed off the moves that made them legends in the EA SPORTS BIG mo-cap studio.
<li>Play the country's best and most intricate street courts. From an all-new mural-lined playground in Washington DC, to the snowy streets of Beantown, to inner-city blacktop showdowns and sun-soaked b-ball brawls by the beach, these are the toughest and hippest courts in the country.
<li>Nod your head to the dopest soundtrack around. Funky beats from the out of this world DJ crew Ninja Tune add further flavor to the ballers moves and groves on the asphalt.
<li>Supports one or two players.</ul>