Micro Scooter Challenge - PC

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Micro Scooter Challenge (PC)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Incagold
Publishers: Brightstar (GB)
Released: 3 Aug 2001 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
No Accessories: No Accessories


Relatively new developers IncaGold have come up with something unique in their latest batch of PC titles. Micro Scooter Challenge is the game starring THE accessory of last year. Definitely the trendiest way to get around in the early part of the 21st century, those spindly-looking metal scooters you see people of all ages riding, have now made it onto the PC.

When beginning this arcade-like experience, you must first choose from a selection of male and female riders. All characters have been presented in a cartoon-style, with big heads and over-sized limbs. There is no real difference in abilities, the choice is there to offer a little variety in style. From here on in, you will get the opportunity to race around eight varying circuits in eight cities, including London, Berlin and Cairo. Some tracks are outdoors, some are indoors. You even have the ability to alter the time of day in which the game is played. The controls of the game are very simple; go, stop, left, right, and so on, meaning a standard PC keyboard will suffice.

Not to be taken entirely seriously, Micro Scooter Challenge is a piece of high quality arcade-style fun. The gameplay is simple to get to grips with, which is a very endearing quality in a PC game: gratification is almost instant, and it is, in the Summer of 2001, one of a kind.